Why Premium Danisa Cookies Melt in the Mouth


Cookies are one of life’s pleasures. A delicious marriage between a cake and a biscuit, a soft-baked cookie quite literally melts in the mouth. Although a cookie is technically a biscuit, the soft, crumbly texture feels more like a cake when you pop it into your mouth. Not surprisingly, premium cookie brands like Danish Danisa cookies are prized by cookie fans all over the world.

The History of Cookies

Cookies were invented by innovative chefs to please European nobility. Most of them had a sweet tooth, so after a hard day hunting wild boar in the forests of Europe, our high-born ancestors liked nothing better than to tuck into delicious sweet treats at the banquet table. This was especially the case during the festive holidays, when cakes, biscuits, and other sweet delicacies were created to tantalise the taste buds of visitors and family alike.

Butter cookies were created as a light, tasty snack. They were originally referred to as Danish biscuits or “sables”, but over the years they became known as cookies. Since sable is a “fur”, this is probably a good thing, as most modern consumers would probably shy away from a cookie with links to fur.

A Traditional Recipe

Traditional Danish cookies were made from butter, flour, and sugar. There were no extra flavourings added and yeast wasn’t used to make the cookie dough rise. Instead, only chocolate and vanilla were added to embellish the taste. Danish cookies were cut into different shapes and served on a platter.

Today’s Danish cookies are still made using traditional recipes and top quality ingredients. They might be packaged differently, but the taste is just as good.

Top Danish brand, Danisa, creates its cookies from a traditional recipe handed down through several generations of master bakers. The Danisa cookies we consume today are no different to the cookies enjoyed by wealthy European nobility back in the 1800s. Danisa cookies are still presented in the same format and you can choose from traditional shapes such as circles, ovals, pretzels, and squares.

The ingredients used to create quality Danisa cookies are carefully selected. The manufacturing process is carefully regulated to ensure no sub-standard cookies make it onto the production line. Baking cookies is an art form and only master bakers are trusted with the original – and carefully guarded – recipe.

The only difference between Danisa cookies produced today and cookies served up to European nobility several hundred years ago is the variety of flavours. Danisa has managed to expand on the traditional chocolate and vanilla recipes, adding a few new tasty flavours to create some exciting new Danish cookie varieties.

Delicious Danisa Cookies

Choose from current butter cookies with a crunchy, sweet flavour; chocolate cashew butter cookies made with cashew nuts and the sweetness of cocoa; chocolate-filled butter cookies with a melt-in-the-mouth velvety texture; and if you are feeling fruity, a pineapple-filled Danish cookie with a tangy, sweet pineapple filling.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a European aristocrat to appreciate the fine flavours of Danisa cookies!

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