Types of pickle balls

Pickle ball is a sport which is very similar to tennis but is played with the help of a table tennis shaped paddle known as pickle ball paddle; the net is also small in length as used in tennis but the height remains constant of it. The ping pong ball is used at the place of tennis balls as is known as pickle balls; though the size of these pickle balls are very similar to the tennis balls. To know more about pickle balls,

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Pickles ball are made of hollow plastic and are circular in shape with few holes all around them. These pickles balls are of two types indoor pickle ball and outdoor pickle ball. Indoor pickle ball have larger holes on them as there is no wind inside the auditorium which can affect the game or can swing the ball from its projected path, where as outdoor pickle balls are made up of harder plastic which bounces more as compared to indoor ball. They have smaller holes on them as compared to indoor pickle balls. Outdoor pickle balls are hard, durable and perfect for playing in outdoor conditions. Indoor pickle balls are designed in such a way that they are perfect for playing on wood as well as on any other hard surface. Indoor pickle balls are available in most of the colors. You can select or match specific colored pickle ball according to your venue or lighting conditions or the color of the court for better visibility of the ball which is needed to play the game easily. You can also consider the construction, size, material, weight, bounce, hardness, and design of the pickle ball while choosing the pickle ball for your game. Bounce is the major factor that differentiates the indoor pickle ball with outdoor pickle ball.

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