Tips To Find The Best Chinese Restaurant (And How To Spot The Fake Ones)

Chinese restaurants are a huge hit around the world, especially in the United States. Take-outs are quick, ordering is easy, and the food is affordable. Moreover, many people think they’re experiencing another culture – and a popular one at that – when they dine on spring rolls and General Tso.

Not all these restaurants, however, are authentic Chinese. It’s either they already adjusted the taste to fit that of the Americans or their dishes do not follow traditional recipes from China. Since you’re paying for your meal, you might as well get the best value for it. Here are some handy tips that might come useful if you’re craving for some real Chinese food:

1. Atmosphere

Most authentic Chinese restaurants are not glossy. Rather, they’re chaotic and noisy, as well as barely have any fancy decorations. It’s usually because these places prefer to focus on the most essential, which is food.

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Real Chinese restaurant Launceston usually do not have small tables and chairs, which can make a solo eater feel awkward or uncomfortable. But this is due to the fact Chinese patrons love to eat with families or celebrate through large gatherings.

Most of all, they are packed with Chinese people, particularly the older ones, especially during lunchtime. Most of these loyal customers were born and grew up in the mainland. They have a better knowledge and understanding of authentic Chinese cuisines.

2. Food and Menu

There’s no straight-up real Chinese restaurant. Instead, it can focus on one or few regional cuisines (China has about eight). The flavor, ingredients, and manner of cooking will tell you where the dish comes from. For example, Cantonese cuisine, which is the most popular type around the world, begins in Guangdong. It is well-known for its rice and seafood dishes. But unlike those that are already cooked American style, real Cantonese food is not greasy or creamy. It is fresh and mild with a hint of sweetness. It uses a variety of sauces such as hoisin and soy to enhance the flavor, so there’s no need for those condiments on the table.

When it comes to the menu, it’s common for so-called Chinese restaurant Launceston to offer spring rolls or General Tso’s chicken (also known as orange chicken in America). But there are actually a wide variety of spring rolls in Asia. Authentic Chinese rolls have cabbage, a little bit of meat such as pork or beef, and are either savory or sweet. They are also either pan or deep fried. Hong Kong spring rolls are usually paired with a dipping sauce while those of Vietnam use more transparent paper.

General Tso’s chicken, on the other hand, has an ambiguous history although it’s named after a famous Chinese military leader. Chinese people also don’t eat fortune cookies and even stir-fry with broccoli since the veggie is not common in their native country.

Authentic Chinese restaurants also have a Chinese menu, but not all of them will have an English translation (fortunately, most do).

The next time you’re in Launceston and craving for Chinese, make it worth the trip. Pick an authentic restaurant.

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