Tips for Storing Ice Cream for Public Consumption

 When you are storing ice cream for your store, it must remain at the proper temperature. You must have specialized freezers to store new cartons of ice cream along with serving coolers that will keep the frozen dessert cold. Not just for serving purposes, says Gelato Products. Every state has strict health codes you must conform to.

An important aspect of serving this frozen dessert to customers is having durable ice cream spoons. If you use thin spoons, then the handles will break as customers eat the ice cream. Choose heavy-duty spoons, and keep the utensils cold by placing the items in a refrigerator.

Cover Ice Cream, Yogurt and Gelato to Prevent Ice Crystals

If you also have gelato at your ice cream store, then it is a heavier and thicker frozen dessert. Make sure to order high-quality gelato spoons that customers can use to scoop this frozen dessert. Gelato has less air, and it is creamier, so experts recommend keeping it at the proper temperature. Make sure to cover gelato before storing it in a freezer to maintain its creamier texture and to prevent the development of ice crystals.

Keep Each Type of Frozen Dessert In Its Own Serving Station

To help your employees understand the difference between ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato, make sure to order an assortment of colored plastic spoons. Keep each type of frozen dessert in different freezers and serving stations. Choose a certain color of spoon for each type of dessert to avoid serving the wrong type of frozen dessert to customers.

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