The Blog Recipe Critique Has One of the Best Seared Salmon Recipe

Many people have a passion for cooking – some for most of their lifetimes. They find new recipes and create some of their own – this hobby could help fight stress except most people will eat when stressed.

Websites and Blogs

There are many websites or blogs on the internet that revolve around the love of cooking and trying out new recipes that are good for you. When you find one of these sites, most of the recipes are not only good to eat they are usually ok for your diet and the pictures will have your mouth watering.

Recipe Critique

There is one site named the recipe critique that has pictures of their creations and most of them are very healthy. They have recipes of almost any type food. The section on fish looks great and has all the recipes spelled out in easy steps.

Salmon Recipe

There is one recipe for the best seared salmon recipe and coupled with avocado remoulade which is salad or seafood dressing. Coupled with this avocado remoulade makes it amazing simple and fresh. The avocado remoulade can be whipped up in a flash. The addition of the fresh lemon juice in the remoulade is zesty and fresh.

Wild caught Atlantic salmon is one of the most favorite fish menu choices.

Wild Caught Atlantic

Wild caught Atlantic salmon is one of the favorite fish menu choices. This healthy fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Many people who eat fish have stopped eating any kind of farmed fish, which is so very much of the so good omega-6 fatty acids. Widely available, studies conducted there are many more pro’s associated with wild caught fish than their farmed counterparts. The biggest fears is antibiotic consumptions is one of the biggest fears. Humans are reportedly becoming more and more immune to antibiotic due to the fact that humans consuming so much of them through our food supply. It is definite time to reevaluate and decide to reform our eating habit.

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