Sicilian Cuisine: Best Places to Taste Seafood in Catania

To visit Catania means not only to get acquainted with history and architecture in the Baroque style, but also to immerse yourself in its cuisine.

You can just walk early in the morning to the Fish Market in Catania to understand how huge the choice of seafoodis. Oysters, shellfish, mussels, canolicchi, amirutti, and many other fish are on every step. Fresh seafood can be eaten either raw or combined with your favorite pasta (main course of Catania). In the evening, the Fish Market is filled with tables from fish restaurants that will provide beautiful and fresh fish with grilled sword and tuna grill, excellent sardines and special (and slightly illegal) cutlets from caviar, and, naturally, a rich offer of shellfish and mollusks that will not leave unsatisfied anybody.

In order to help you to choose the best place to try seafood dishes we have prepared a list of the most popular fish restaurants in Catania.

Restaurant Al Gabbiano

The restaurant, whose name translates from Italian as “Seagull” is famous for its fish dishes, simplicity of furnishings and low prices. Fish and seafood are prepared directly “from the nets”. You can choose any method of cooking fish: grilled, fried, boiled, stewed, baked, stuffed, with pasta or salad. Obligatory it is worth trying rolls from swordfish and pasta with seafood.

Restaurant La Grotta (di Carmelo)

Lunch here is a whole ritual. While entering you should choose one fish from a huge basket of fresh fish that will be prepared for you. In the freshness of fish, you can be assured: for 150 years at the trattoria the reputation of the best fish restaurant in Catania, the fish on the table is from one great fisherman – the friend of the host family. Walls of volcanic lava of Etna, old family photos of the owners, only 8-10 tables. Order a seafood salad or fish soup, Nero DelleSeppiePasta and a steamed fish with olive oil and lemon, and you will be the happiest person on the planed, overwhelmed by the taste on the spot.

NievskiPab Restaurant

Favorite place for the party of alternative youth of Catania. Eclectic menu, homemade food, fish are brought daily from La Pescheria market. Among drinks are beer, cocktails, wine. There are non-smoking rooms. There are also their own library and a video library. Prices and interior are very democratic. On the walls are revolutionary posters with Lenin and Che Guevara. At night, there are a lot of students and beer expanse.

Pepe Nero

Restaurant with excellent menu of fish and meat, you can also order some pizza. On Friday and Saturday, an appointment is an obligatory condition for visitors. Considering one of the popular places for dinner, the restaurant is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Catania, on the waterfront. Among the customers of the restaurant, you can meet local celebrities, football players, politicians and simply wealthy people. The average bill for two, including wine, is about €100-130.

OsteriaAntica Marina

A cozy restaurant at the fish market. Order a tasting menu, which includes snacks, two types of fish fillets and sorbets (€25) – you won’t regret! It’s very delicious!

Le Zagare Restaurant

Lemon trees adorn the terrace of the restaurant Le Zagare, serving dishes prepared from the best products in Sicily. The cuisine is distinguished by its creative approach and sophistication, as well as the use of freshly caught fish in local waters.

To reach the restaurant and observe the surroundings you need to get a car rental in Catania airport. Enjoy the best seafood!

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