Recommendations for Chinese Food Halal Medan Restaurants

For Chinese food halal Medan there were actually many restaurants recommendations you can get when you want to try Chinese cuisine in Medan. Medan is the right destination if you want to have a choice of culinary, panorama, and cultural tourism destinations. In Medan, there are many tourist sites with beautiful panoramic views for a vacation. In addition, some areas in Medan still uphold the traditional culture with high so you can deepen the cultural communication of local communities. When you visit Medan, you also have the option to undergo a culinary tour. In Medan there are many local cuisine options that you can try.

Many tourists who come to Medan are interested to go on a culinary tour. One of the reasons is because Medan is famous for its delicious cuisine, so, many people would want to try it. If you want to try cuisine in Medan there are many culinary options to choose from. For many people, a popular choice and often chosen for culinary tourism when in Medan, one of which is trying Chinese cuisine. Although sounded not exactly geographically and nationally, but in fact there are many restaurants in Medan that provide Chinese cuisine. Some of them provide Chinese cuisine as Chinese food halal Medan restaurants.

1. Mie Zhou

Mie Zhou is restaurant that provides Chinese cuisine in Medan; especially have its own specialty in food with noodles ingredients as the main dish. If you visit this restaurant, you can choose a dish with halal food ingredients. Although this restaurant is not too big, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is very conducive to enjoy the dishes served. If you want to come to this restaurant, you can come to Timor street No. 10 TT, Medan.

2. Jade Chinese Restaurant

Jade Chinese Restaurant is a restaurant that serves variety of Chinese cuisine to the guests. Different from Mie Zhou who have specialty in dish with noodles as main ingredients, Jade Chinese Restaurant can serve many delicious Chinese cuisine. The trademark from Jade Chinese Restaurant not only lay in the delicious Chinese cuisine its serve, but also lies in the restaurant environment. If you want to enjoy Chinese cuisine in luxury restaurant with elegant atmosphere than you can come to Putri Hijau street No. 10, Medan.

3. RM Sinar Pagi

RM Sinar Pagi actually more famous for its soto Medan for many people. But in this restaurant, there actually some Chinese cuisine you can try. Though the Chinese cuisine not much in the menu, but some delicious and more famous cuisine still can be served here. RM Sinar Pagi located at Sei Deli Street No.2, Medan if you want to come.

Beside the restaurants listed above, there are still many restaurants can give you Chinese cuisine delicacy with halal ingredients. What you need to do is try to search more Chinese food halal Medan recommendations so your vacations in Medan will give you the best enjoyment in culinary tour. In addition to Chinese cuisine, you might also want to try various other local culinary in Medan. It can be guaranteed that your culinary tour in Medan will give you the best experience in tasting the local delicacy.

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