Memorable Wedding Cakes: Style and Taste

Everybody wants their big day to be perfect and memorable. Right from the engagement day, the planning starts. While the wedding date and venue are one of the major decisions, choosing the right cake baker and the right cake can be quite a difficult decision to make. With number of bakers and a number of choices, picking the perfect cakes in Dubai is next to impossible. The wedding cake has become of such great importance that the brides often plan their wedding décor and even their wedding gowns to match their dream wedding cake. While a traditional white tiered cake with a bride groom topping is a sure shot hit, today the couple has numerous styles and flavours to choose from.

  • Style of the cake: Before deciding the style of the cake, it is important to decide the wedding style. A traditional wedding asks for a traditional cake while a traditional cake on a themed wedding will look awkward. Since the type of cake is closely associated with the wedding style, the two goes hand in hand.
  • Add Colour: Once you have decided upon the style of your wedding and that of your very special cake, the next step is to choose the flavour. With a hundred flavoured cake in Dubai, one way to narrow down the list is to match it with your wedding décor. While the flavour and colour can reflect your wedding or honeymoon destination, the colour should sync with the wedding décor.
  • Taste is all that matters: What matters at the end of the day is the taste. While paying attention to the colour and style, one cannot ignore the flavour. There are numerous options when it comes to wedding cakes. Keeping in mind the diverse group of guests at the wedding, the wedding cake must definitely be a crowd pleaser.
  • Go to the basics: While there are many options, going back to the basics ca be a life saver. One can choose the traditional flavours like the marble cake, fruit cake or the chocolate cake and add features like the marzipan or the royal icing to make the wedding cake look striking as the bride. It serves the two purposes of pleasing the crowd by tasting extremely generic and a feast for the eyes as well.
  • Be fearless: A wedding cake should be beautiful and delicious. When you have the hazelnut accented chocolate mousse with a drizzle of caramel, why go with the usual red velvet and the vanilla. It is your wedding and it is your wedding cake. Put on your creative shoes and let the imagination fly. Be fearless and try on new flavours.

It is a fact that there is no end to the themed wedding cake options, be it in style, taste, shape or colour. It is a personal choice of the couple and the wedding cake styles and tastes will continue to change and evolve each passing day.

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