Make Your Own Tea, the BlendBee Way

Making tea is not only a process of preparing the perfect blend of ingredients for enjoyment; it is also a moment to have fun while doing the same. It gets even more wonderful when you have a variety of ingredients and extracts to choose from so that the tea tastes as good as you need it, or better yet, as you imagine it. I followed the BlendBee make your own tea page, and sure enjoyed my time all the way.

My Sun Downer

It was during one of those days you come home from a hectic day and all you want is a cold shower followed by a nice and hot cup of tea to calm the body and spirit. So, after the shower, I was torn between making a cup of tea or ordering one from my favorite tea site, BlendBee. So I decided to do both! And speaking of satisfaction, nothing else would grace the evening better than herbal tea to sooth the day’s stress as I see the sun go down.


I started by choosing the ¼ lb custom tea option. Then I selected the ingredients. Green tea as a base, of course! Then some jasmine. And then, since green tea can be bitter, I added some flavors to sweeten it up. Agrimony herb was a nice option in order to give the blend a light lemon scent and a taste close to apricots.

Next, I added some bilberry leaf in order to enhance its light flavor. To escape from the lemon taste by giving the tea a sweet taste, I added some carob beans. These gave my tea a chocolate taste and blended well with the lemon flavor. Finally, I added peppermint to make the tea strong and spicy as well as enhance my physical endurance for the evening’s cold.

Tea Ready

With all the ingredients in my online shopping cart, I placed my order happy and excited for the tea to arrive. A couple days later my beautifully presented package arrived on my porch. I gave the blend a good steeping before serving it hot in a cup and sitting out at the porch yet again watching the sun disappear in the horizon. Ahhhhhh.

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