Know How To Make A Super Delicious Chocolate Oreo Cake

A super tasty Oreo Chocolate cake is definitely a treat to die for! It’s a moist chocolate cake that comes full of Oreo icing and the best part of this homemade cake is that it’s just not about any normal Oreo icing, rather it’s  crushed up Oreo icing which is a fantasy for any Oreo or chocolate lover. Being a die-hard fan of Oreo, you would be super excited to know that this cake comes with an entire package of Oreo.

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The only advice is: Do not consider the nutritional facts before making this cake!

Celebrations do not come regularly and celebrations do not include nutritional facts!

This cake comes with strong Oreo icing as it contains 3 cups of Oreo crumbs in the icing. You must be wondering – is it an overkill? No, it’s just Oreo perfection!

While you are making this cake, just make sure there’s a plenty amount of Oreo in each bite and that’s the reason you should go for making three layers of cake instead of two. In the middle of the cake, there are two layers of icing while another layer of icing is placed on the top.

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Here’s the detailed guide for making this sumptuous cake-


Flour: 2 cups

Sugar: 2 cups

Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder: 3/4 cups

2 Tsp baking soda

Salt: 1 tsp

Butter milk: 1 cup

2 large eggs

Vegetable oil : 1 cup

Vanilla: 11/2 tsp

Boiling water: 1 cup

Oreo icing:

Butter: 11/2 cups

Shortening: 11/2 cups

Powdered sugar- 8-9 cups

3 cups of Oreo crumbs (you need to have 30 packs of Oreos to make the crumb)

Vanilla extract- 1 tsp

Water- 6-7 tbsp

Chopped Oreos: 5


     1: First you need to create a 5 inch of cake pan and it should come with the                    parchment pepper circle in the bottom and grease on the sides.

  1. Put all the dry ingredients into the large bowl and mix it together.
  2. Now add eggs, vegetable oil and buttermilk to the dry ingredients and mix it well.
  3. Next, use boiled water to add vanilla in it and mix it well.
  4. Pour into 9 inches of cake pans and start baking at 300 degrees and wait patiently until 25 to 30 minutes. Now insert a toothpick and if it comes out with a few crumbs that means the cake is ready to be removed from the pan.
  5. Remove the cake from the pan and give it 10 minutes to make the cake cool and then use the cooling racks to cool the cake completely.
  6. Once the cake is completely cool, you should make the icing and beat it together with butter and shortening to make the cake really smooth.
  7. Add four cups of powdered sugar and mix it well until it is smooth.
  8. Now add vanilla and Oreo crumbs
  9. Add another cup of powdered sugar and mix it until smooth. Use water or milk to ensure the consistency of the smoothness.
  10. Use 3 1/2 cup of icing for the filling inside the cake and add chopped Oreos.
  11. Once the cake is completely cool, remove the cake dome from the top with a knife.
  12. Place the first layer of the cake on the plate and use 1/2 of icing with chopped Oreo on the top of the cake and make sure the layer is even.

   14: Now, put second layer of the cake on the first layer and use rest of the chopped        Oreos on the top in an even layer.

  1. Add the final layer and use the remaining icing to ice the outside of the cake.
  2. Now finish the cake design with the chopped Oreo and crumbs.

Your favourite cake is here to gorge on!

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Be all set to make celebrations cherishable with this treat and delight your friends and family.


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