How to Use Spoons, and Other Branded Materials, to Boost Marketing

Many owners of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops stick only to the tried-and-true methods of marketing: a catchy name, attractive signage and occasional print advertisements in local publications. However, Gelato Products has a few suggestions on some things any owner or manager can be doing to improve their marketing and increase brand recognition in the area.

Branding Tips

One simple way to begin boosting your profile is by introducing branded tasting spoons. By printing your logo on wooden or plastic yogurt spoons, you are building a relationship with your customer every time that they taste your product. If they like what they’ve tasted, they will forever associate it with the brand on the spoon.

Spoons are just one of many opportunities to establish stronger brand recognition. Consider everything involved in purchasing and eating frozen yogurt as a branding opportunity. From cups, napkins and tablecloths all the way to printing your logo on M&M toppings, you can find plenty of new ways to enhance your image.

Ordering branded materials and introducing them to your store is easy. For example, a frozen yogurt shop in Beverly Hills must find a local manufacturer of Los Angeles wholesale frozen yogurt supplies. From there, the shop owner should order the largest amount of materials that they could possibly use in their store; this is the best way to get a low price on the branded materials. Printing and shipping is fast and easy, and soon after that you’ll be proudly using your new marketing tools.

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