Enjoying Hotdogs in Toronto When You Are a Diabetic

In Toronto, you can find many nice places where you can go to enjoy authentic European meat products, including roast beef, deli cold cuts, wieners, sausages, and fresh cut of pork and beef. However, you may have experiment a bit before you could find the best hotdogs in Toronto.

However, many people worry greatly about consuming hot dogs when they have diabetes. Is it okay to enjoy hot dogs or hamburgers when you are battling with diabetes? The answer is yes.

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It is true that a hot dog downed while attending a sporting event can taste amazingly well, and thankfully, you do not have to keep yourself from enjoying this treat even when you have diabetes. There are really no problem eating hamburgers because the meat is usually fresh. Even if it is frozen ground beef, you can still enjoy it if it does not have more than 30% fat by weight. If you are ordering hamburgers or hotdogs in Toronto, be sure to check the label first. If you are ordering online, you should enquire about the ingredients and percentage of meat including in it.

It is worth mentioning that you can make your hotdogs or hamburgers even healthier just by making some small changes to your order. For instance:

  • It is a great idea to avoid at least half the bun when ordering your hamburger. This will lower the carb content of the burger and you would not have to worry about raising your blood sugar levels after eating it. It is a better idea to order one with a lettuce-leaf topper
  • It makes great sense to learn a bit about how the vendor prepares your hamburger. The best thing is to opt for a vendor that uses an open grill and avoids a smooth-top grill. A burger made on the open grill is likely to have less fat, as it drips away quickly. By lowering the fat content, you are less likely to worry about eating something that affects your blood sugar levels or leads to other health concerns.
  • Say no to cheese. When you order hamburgers or hotdogs in Toronto, it is important to ensure that you do not go for cheese. You need to reduce your intake of saturated fat and calories when you have diabetes. It is also better to avoid additional calories if you are trying to manage your weight. You can still opt for flavor enhancers, such as hot sauce, salsa, Worchester sauce, and wasabi.
  • Avoid sautéed toppers as much as possible. To make your hamburger healthier, you should say not sautéed toppers because they will increase the calorie count. Instead, you can opt for raw veggies because they also provide you with minerals and vitamins.

The fact of the matter is that you can certainly order hamburgers and hot dogs in Toronto, but you need to learn about what it contains to ensure that it is safe even when you have diabetes or other health conditions.

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