Easy Dessert San Francisco Decoration Tips

If a dessertsSan Francisco are well presented, it is not only captivating to the eyes, but also tasty. It means that desert needs to be decorated well because presentation is as important as the taste of the desert. Regardless of the occasion, wedding reception, birthday party or anniversary, he desert is the way to go. Here are some helpful tips on how you can decorate your desert.

  1. Pick a subject

The decoration should highlight the theme of the party. Therefore, the first tip is to pick a subject that best represent the general theme of the party or occasion.

  1. Make it colorful

Colors make the desert attractive. Therefore, choose colors that will make the desert look pleasing to the eyes so that the guests present in the occasion will really want to have a bite on the desert. More so, when you are choosing the colors, ensure that they complement each other. Different fruits can be used to decorate a cake. On the other hand, you can cut some nuts like almonds or cashew and sprinkle them over the desert to give it a beautiful look.

  1. Make it creative as a painting

Making a creative painting on top of the desert is another tip of giving your dessert that attractive look. In cake for instance, you can do a meaningful drawing on the cake using the icing, illustrating the theme of the occasion.

  1. Contrast temperatures

Another way to make your desert enjoyable is comparing temperatures during presentation. When your desert is cold, it should be served in a chilled plate because if a cold desert is served in a hot plate it tends to soften easily. However, when serving desert like cake or pie, hot plate will be just fine.

  1. Create a focal point

When presenting your desert, it is important that you give your plating focus by using either a chocolate, ice sculpture or even a jar filled with fruits e.t.c. Note that whichever one you decide to use, it should befit  the occasion because the element you choose will be the showpiece which will be the focal point of the desert. Enough time is required to plan a focal point that will attract your guests to your desert.

  1. Be consistent

Adopt a steady style of presenting your desert to your guests. As much as your style is consistent, serving in a consistent size is also important. this is because when the entire deserts in all the tables are in the same size, there will be no confusion among your guests. Each plate should contain the same size of desert.

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