Different types of techniques used in pottery

Everyone admires the beautiful work of handmade pottery. Pottery items in home add more beauty and provide a very elegant look. Not only pottery work but items such as crockery are also loved and widely used by many people. Pottery mugs look very cool and stylish when you need to serve tea or coffee and more.

How pottery is done?

Work of pottery is a real art and in order to do effective pottery one must have a steady hand. In order to make a mug from pottery, potter needs to take a bunch of clay. In pottery work, there are usually three types of clay that are used such as stoneware, porcelain and earthenware. To shape the mug into clay, there are many different types of techniques that are used such as wheel thrown.

Techniques used in pottery

Wheel thrown – the wheel thrown pottery making process is the traditional way of doing pottery in which kick or electric wheel is used that provides a spinning surface to the potter which shapes the clay into mug shape. Mugs made from this technique also have a design of swirling fingertips because potter uses his/her hand in order to shape the mug into its desired shape.

Slip casting – Slip casting in another technique that is used by the potter but this technique is generally opted while working with porcelain. In slip casting technique, clay is used in a liquid form and pressed till it becomes mold. However, after every technique pottery made mugs are fired inside a furnace at very high temperature so that its gets a more gloomy and gorgeous finish.

After fired in furnace, potter gives a final touch and provides them a very high quality design that comes in many different forms such as partial glaze, matte black, hand etched and more. These mugs are easily available over many online shops as well and some of the sites also provide you an option of customized mug as well.

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