Considering Diets and Food Preferences For Gatherings and Corporate Events

Food is an essential part of holding any event. It’s the ultimate centerpiece to a gathering, bringing guests or attendees together over a common bond. Food, whether your taste buds agree with the items being served or not, is one of the few things everyone can talk about. This can be very important when it comes to corporate catering at gatherings.

This can also be a concrete source of preventing conflict. The last thing you need at a corporate gathering is people not working together. When a meeting lacks a secondary point of reference, like food, ambivalence is bound to ensue due to the participants being unhappy.

You’ve got to make sure you have options for vegetarians, vegans, kosher foods and countless more dietary concerns for people that have gluten and nut allergies or lactose intolerance. Trying to accommodate for such a wide range of issues should be left to professionals while you handle the proverbial meat and bones of the subjects at hand.

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Getting the attention of attendees is half the battle. People make poor decisions when they are on an empty stomach. For example, if you were to put together a meeting early in the day, many people don’t have the opportunity to have breakfast. This means that the meeting should include some sort of fruit dish or bagels at a minimum. A more successful or larger meeting requires traditional breakfast fare such as eggs or bacon.

Lunch & Dinner

“You can’t please all the people all the time.” This saying is very true, however, you can please most of the people all the time. This is best accomplished by deciding on servicing a buffet. The benefit of a buffet is that it has a little bit of everything and allows people to take as much or as little of something as they want. People are also prone to try something a little different when it comes to a buffet. Trying a bit of a dish and not liking it is a far cry from ordering a full meal of something never tried and hating it.

Using Themes

Themes beyond simply culinary dishes a la Mexican or Asian are an important aspect of delivering an interesting experience. For example, if one is to do a theme based on Mardi Gras or a Hawaiian Luau, it can be an exciting and unique way to give your employees a different take on a business meeting.

Other simple ideas are a make-your-own pizza meal or a picnic lunch. Perfect for the medium-sized business lunch with the staff, this allows for a more hands-on approach to eating a meal. Co-workers often enjoy the simple aspects of being able to talk with one another over a meal in between the necessary substance.

Getting the Right Professional

Hiring the right professional to cater an event, especially with the diverse nature a corporate function entails, is one of the most important aspects of holding a meeting. You want to be sure to make as many people happy as possible as well as not offending anyone with specific tastes and sensibilities.

Often times, these corporate events need to be put together in a timely manner. Whether it’s an emergency meeting, simply a quick update on upcoming projects or changes to standard operating procedure, these meetings can be a headache when it comes to making them successful. Delivering a small pleasurable aspect like food will generate more attentive interest and lucrative results.


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