Colmore Food Festival – Be Prepared and Chill Out

The Colmore Food Festival is taking place in Birmingham on the 30th June and 1st July 2017. This is Birmingham’s premier food festival so if you’re a vendor you will be meeting industry connoisseurs, foodies and first time visitors with uninitiated palates. Everyone who samples your stock will want to be impressed. This is not an event at which you can serve “average” products.

Colmore’s Business District comes alive for the festival and the exhibitors and their goods appeal to every culinary taste. It’s expected that around 30000 people will visit over the 2 days. Free entry, a central location and its important role in Birmingham’s cultural and culinary events calendar ensures that 2017 promises delight after mouth-watering delight.

If you are one of the exhibitors you’ll need to prepare your finest dishes and samples ready for divine days of eating, sleeping and breathing in the spices, aromas and experiencing food combinations which are out of this world.

An essential consideration for the festival must be how to ensure that stock remains in its optimum condition. Fridge and freezer hire units are a cost effective, legislation meeting, hygienic and product enhancing business solution.

You’ll be able to enjoy your time in Victoria Square certain that you won’t inadvertently give any of your eager guests more than they bargained for, food poisoning.

Hire companies like Icecool Trailers who are based in Newbury and also serve the Midlands with chiller and walk-in freezer facilities, guarantee that their units are fully maintained, meet all legislative demands and are hygienic.

Mobile freezer and fridge hire firms are plentiful and vary in standards so please do your homework. Cheap and cheerful hire could cost you future business. A bad impression at a food festival can have several undesirable consequences, as you can imagine.

As online reviews appear on fridge/freezer hire firm’s websites it won’t be difficult to establish which firms are trustworthy and those who should be avoided. Look at who their clients are. The mobile freezer firms who have NHS Trusts, hotel and restaurant chains singing their praises inspire confidence.

Fridge and freezer hire professionals deliver the trailer, they set it up, even moving shelves as required. They’ll explain anything you need to know and leave you to stock the facilities and work in them if you wish. You can do this without contravening regulations.

Make the most of your time at the Colmore Food Festival. Make new contacts, find devotees and see the cost of the walk-in freezer and fridge hire vanish into the mist compared to the business you’ll do there.

At the festival’s end, the hire firm will collect the unit or units and transport them back to the depot. That means minimal stress, responsibility and time implications for you. Lovely.

Walk-in freezer and fridge hire facilities can help you to develop future business so please don’t take any risks that you know will hamper your efforts and give you sleepless nights.

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