BIG BOLD & life is Cibo Wine Bar

Cibo Wine Bar’s logo  BIG BOLD & life is BEAUTIFUL is apt, created by Liberty group almost two decades back spells calls- whatever way you want to look at it, the head turns has mad you as an ardent follower at last.

The new addition to the eatery is here in Canada and USA.  A Cibo Wine Bar’s mosaic of the original winery from Italy is for you, common get involved, get indulged, no harm in losing self-control once in a while. Cibo Wine Bar has all you ever imagined and much more- the super spread of Italian culinary art. That is complimented by the best wine handpicked by them from the world’s famous wine yards. Authentic ambiance and lovely music, what else you want from Cibo Wine Bar?

Liberty Entertainment group did explore what you sought in a bar. And out came this bold and beautiful space is a blend of old world rustic and modern industrial chic. It is bringing in the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Hand made traditional Italian Cibo Wine Bar has it all. A real taste of authentic southern cooking fresh made amongst patrons at the open kitchen counter. Accompanied by the rarest 2500 Bottles of VINO in a soaring award-winning wine room. From Cibo’s INDUSTRIAL CHIC vibrant bar area to the casual Yorkville Avenue patio, every corner turned offers a distinctly different experience.

Enjoy a comprehensive eclectic menu with family, Pizza, pasta, secondo and an array appetizers. Valpolicella recommended by our server. You can enjoy Radicchio salad and the Pappardelle pasta.  What one would get even the widest imagination of the coffee table booklet. And the desert made all the difference- just one for the road.

You just cannot miss Cibo Wine Bar anywhere in the world.

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