All about Reserveout and Being Able to Make Restaurant Table Reservations

Browse, discover and then reserve – tables at the best restaurants in Dubai anytime you want and you can do it all from almost any device like a laptop or smartphone. Reserveout is quite easy to quickly learn and use. The reservations are confirmed promptly in “real-time”. Your next reservation is just a click away.

What is Reserveout?

Reserveout is a mobile and online platform that puts local restaurant foods in the palm of your hand. Our web as well as mobile apps enable users to browse, discover and instantly make a reservation for a table in our wide-ranging list of restaurants no matter whether it is a new spot around town or across the street. Are you in the mood for Chinese? We will show you the closest dim sum place. Or feel like tasting the best gelato? Then you need to check out this new fancy Italian place across town.

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Great for restaurants too

This is not just great for users, but it stands out as a means for restaurants and restaurant owners to promote their business.Think of what a tool it isfor restaurants to achievethe management of reservations while also promotingthe business to a wide assortment of likelynew customers. This is offering clients a portal for reservations as well as the management of the client relationship or CRM and various online marketing fundamentals for you to do just that. It’s only another way to help you offer the best possible experience to your customers. You can promote your restaurant, while getting to know the users of this portal. You will get more diners coming back and you can have their favorite drink waiting at their table; you know their favorite foods and how often they dine out. This can be called a win-win for everyone.

About the owners

As the owners of Reserveout, they were born in Jordan and then nurtured in Lebanon, fed and matured in the UAE and constantly increase their regional footprint and growth. They are getting bigger and today they are the region’s prime restaurant reservation platform and they have operations in:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Amman
  • Beirut
  • Jeddah
  • Doha
  • Dubai
  • Manama

Their plans for expansion do not stop here as they will offer reserveout features and services throughout the Middle East and beyond soon.

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