A Revolutionary Coffee Cup That Knows Your Ideal Coffee Drinking Temperature

Remember Stella Liebeck? You might not know her by name, but chances are that you remember why she made the news. Liebeck was the woman who famously sued McDonald’s in 1994 after a hot cup of coffee spilled on her lap, causing severe burns to her pelvic region.

Although the case made headlines as an example of a ludicrous lawsuit, with detractors claiming that Liebeck should have had the reasonable expectation that her cup of coffee would be hot, the 79-year-old’s attorneys alleged that the restaurant franchise was negligent in keeping their coffee at temperatures between 180 and 190 degrees. At that temperature, a liquid can cause third-degree burns in a matter of mere seconds.

Liebeck, who required several skin grafts to treat her burns, eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed sum less than $600,000, but the lawsuit resulted in warning labels on hot-beverage cups, and today, the average serving temperature of coffee is 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most coffee lovers, however, prefer their cup of java to be even cooler — an average 135 degrees, in fact. And particularly for commuters, it can be difficult to enjoy a cup of coffee during that narrow window of time when the beverage is between 120 and 140 degrees.

Paper coffee cups tend to lose heat quickly, so even if the restaurant or coffee shop serves its coffee undrinkable hot, the liquid will cool down rapidly, leaving the drinker with a cold cup before long.

On the flip side, traditional insulated coffee mugs can retain the drink’s heat for too long, which leads to a java lover being forced to wait far longer than they’d like before taking that first sip. In fact, it can take up to an hour before a hot beverage kept in an insulated to-go mug cools down to the ideal drinking temperature.

Of course, the ideal coffee cup, especially when it comes to travel mugs that are used by commuters, would be able to “magically” cool down a super-hot serving of delicious joe to the perfect temperature — and just as “magically” keep it at that ideal temperature until the very last drop. Sadly, such a cup has never existed.

Until now.

Enter the Ember. This revolutionary travel mug combines space-age thermal insulation and several patented internal systems to cool down the coffee, tea, or hot chocolate it contains to the user’s preferred temperature, and to keep there for hours.

This coffee cup also boasts a 360-degree, ergonomic drinking experience, a sleek and stylish exterior, and an easy to clean design. It was designed by Ammunition Group, the same design team that created Beats by Dre headphones — so you know it’s a design that has been well thought out, tested, and ultimately perfected.

If you are a commuter and a coffee lover, this is the next tech gadget that you need. Make your morning coffee or tea a delightful, restorative morning ritual to help power you through your day, instead of guessing game that scalds your lips.

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